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Gianni's has the best pizza in the area. The crust is thick and crispy. The sauce is flavored perfectly. The sanwiches are enormous. I have always ordered a small sub and am more then full when I finish it. The prices are reasonable, especially considering the portion sizes. The restaurant is family owned and they are always friendly.

~Patricia M.

Step in here and be quick! You've got to know what you want, or be within three seconds of deciding, because once you get to that counter all you here is, "NEXT ONE!" The folks working the counter have to move fast considering they have very limited space. Get in . . . get your sub, pizza or salad . . . and get out. I've only had the subs here. I recommend asking for one of their sub rolls rather than the usual sesame breads that they use. The sub rolls are really good and will satisfy a serious bread fiend's craving. They also make great tuna and chicken salads -- not too much mayo. I've always wanted to try the pizza, but never got around to it. It's a little family business, so definitely stop in some time. They may seem hurried, but they'll remember you the next time you visit and always appreciate your business.

~Robyn L.

For me, this is all about the sub roll. I love the sesame scali type roll - so good and fresh! I can't comment on the meats, but I know they slice them fresh for the sandwiches, which would seem like a plus for the carnivores out there! I do enjoy their veggie sub, even though it's just filled with the basics (lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, hots, onion etc). Some times they'll throw in a couple "fancy" veggies too. Good location and although it's packed during lunch, it's usually quieter in the early evening, so it's is a great place for me to grab dinner on my way to class. Nothing like a classroom filled with PowerPoint presentations accented by the smell of onions!

~Carrie M.

On the way into work in the morning, I sometimes drop into Gianni's to grab a sub to save for lunch time. It's such a treat over what we can get locally at my company. Their rolls are fantastic and they pile on the meat and veggies. I highly recommend Gianni's to anyone who likes a good sandwich - you'll never go to D'angelos again!

~Greg D.

My favorite is when my wife calls me on the way home from work and says it's "Gianni's Day!" I live in Dover and drive right by Gianni's on the way home when cutting through Needham. It's the best pizza for miles around, that is if you like cheesey pizza and a good crust. They don't skimp on the toppings either!

~Don H

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